s Wee Tower , Eco Shed from in the Woolands next to Cottage, Ardgour owned by Annie #shedoftheyear @ardgourestate
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Wee Tower

More than £1000

Escape completely from the modern world..... That was my inspiration for the "wee tower" Sit back in the most comfortable recycled stag antler chairs, enjoy a cup of Tea brewed on the log burning stove and watch the woodland wildlife all around... By Night.....Once the sun goes down We are very lucky Ardgour is perfectly situated to make the most of no light pollution, and clear Highland Dark Skies, making it perfect for Star Gazing. Snuggle up and enjoy the night Sky and Wildlife.... Share a dram from the "bird box" you will always be cozy and warm with sheeps wool insulation and a wee wood burning stove supplied by sustainable forestry.

Eco to me is more than just using thoughtful materials and local crafts, sustainability is also about bringing people to our fragile rural community, and sharing it in the best possible way. I wanted to add 'something' to our cottage that made the very most of its situation all year round whilst sticking to our green, luxury ethos.

Two things Ardgour has in abundance is local wildlife and incredible dark skies, I combined the two ideas to come up with the unique 'Wee Tower'. Nothing in nature is straight so the idea of a round building was born. Built with only sustainable materials, this off grid wee tower is hidden in the woodland by the cottage. A solar light woodland path guides the way in the evening. Habitats and bird boxes have been carefully added to make it home for lots of wildlife. The "wee tower" was skilfully built off site by Sam at Echo Living and then lifted into place so as not to disturb the flora and fauna on the woodland floor. (In May the "wee Tower" sits on carpet on wild blue bells)

Inside the interior is purposefully minimal, calm and light. It has become many things to many people, but most of all very happy memories and a taste of slow adventure!

Pherhaps I am not your traditional "sheddie" in terms of building the shell of my shed, but hopefully I make up for that in the creatively and design inside and out and empathy with the landscape.

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