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The Boat House

  • Sheddie:

    Angela Huggett
  • Location:

    Garden - Kent
  • First entered:


Come into the Boat House where good times abound, where stresses just vanish and peace can be found.

Be greeted by Butlers as you walk through the door, take a seat on the sofa as you start to restore.

Lounge with your coffee and start off your day, with the exercise bike to chase cobwebs away.

Paint in craft corner and create something new, have lunch with good friends and make memories true.

Relax in the spa and when the light starts to fade, sip cocktails and laugh as memories are made. With twinkly lights and heat from the fire, dream of good times and all you aspire.

This is my cabin and it’s special to me

It’s a beautiful place where I can just be.

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